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PinNotes 1.3 is a great tool for making extra notes
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I think that everybody have ever used those small colored sticky notes to write down something important or just leave a message for another person. Absolutely free PinNotes 1.3 by Troupware is software that allows you to use such sticky notes on your desktop. Program’s main window is the center of notes managing. Here you can see a list of all notes that you have ever created. Use special buttons to create a new note, focusing on any you need at the moment or closing any you don’t need anymore. All notes can be grouped for more convenient working. Also the main window includes a toolbar that gives access to a range of settings for customizing program’s performance and appearance. The sticky notes are placed right on your desktop and you just need to click only once on any of them for text input. Right-clicking gives you extensive menu with lots of setting of note’s appearance and content. You can customize note’s color, size, transparency and text formatting preferences, like size, style, color, align and many more. PinNotes 1.3 is a great tool for making extra notes.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Simple interface
  • Stable work


  • Poor design
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